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Facebook Is Not New Nor Is The Concept That Each Company Needs A Presence On Facebook. However, Since Facebook Joined The Marketing Scene, There Have Been Several Improvements. Many Of Us May Not Have Imagined Of 10 Years Old Today, The World’s Largest Social Network: Hosting 360-Degree Videos, Selling Goods Via A Chat, Or Even Acting As A Top News Source For Two-Thirds Of The Adult Population

Facebook’s Daily Users Are 1.56 Billion A Day. Let’s Bring It Into Focus. This Is Almost 5x Of The Population In The USA, 20% Of The World’s Population… And It Continues To Climb.

Imagine The Social Impact Your Friends, An E-Commerce Company, References, Customer Relations, Credibility, Brand Recognition And Much More Can Achieve Through Facebook. Let Alone, In Combination With Other Social Media Platforms You Market Through.

It’s Not Only The Sheer Number Of Users, but It Also Has Facebook’s Focus. The Average User Uses Facebook For Almost An Hour Per Day Worldwide. In View Of The Average Person Who Sleeps For 8 Hours A Day, About 7 Percent Of Our Waking Time Is Spent On Social Network Glueing To Our Eyes

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1 Benefit Of Using Facebook For Marketing

2 Ways Or Techniques Of Marketing On Facebook

2.1 Inbound Way Of Facebook Marketing

2.2 It’s Not Spamming, Angry Or Deceptive.

3 Let’s Get To The Beginning And Walk Through The Setup Process Before We Get Into Publishing Content And Enrich Posts With Ads.

3.1 1. Build A Profile For Facebook

3.2 2. Learn How To Add Pictures?

3.2.1 Add An Image Profile

3.2.2 Attach A Cover Picture

3.3 3. A Short Description Should Be Added

3.4 4. Build A New Page Username

3.5 5. Fill Up Your Shortcut Tab

3.6 6. Set Tasks Up Page

3.7 7. Customize Your Reports

3.8 8. Fill In The CTA Page

3.9 9. Set Up Your Page Tabs

3.10 10. Verify Your Page

4 Types Of Facebook Posts

5 Effective Marketing Strategy For Facebook

5.1 1. Set Facebook Goals

5.2 2. Know Your Visitors To Facebook

5.3 3. Commit The Audience Proactively

5.3.1 Post On Facebook At Best Time

5.4 4. Plan Your Content On Facebook

5.5 5. Identify Your Plan For Facebook Ads

5.6 6. Promote Workforce Support

5.7 7. Track Your Results And Evaluate Them

6 Conclusion

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